Welcome to Planewalker Games! We are the home of The Broken Hourglass, a new CRPG in development for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux computers.
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The Broken Hourglass is a new CRPG in development for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux computers. You become an ordinary citizen of Mal Nassrin, fading star of the Tolmiran Empire, with an extraordinary purpose. The city is under siege by some unexplained and unidentified magical force--no one may enter or leave, and the city's water supply has been reduced to a trickle. Caught in a devastating explosion which obliterates a large area of the city, you begin the game as a recuperating refugee caught up among an eager group of vigilantes and makeshift militiamen hoping to put the city to rights before complete chaos takes hold.


The Broken Hourglass takes place in the Tolmiran Empire, a world defined by political intrigue, economic decadence, and a disinterested pantheon. Mal Nassrin, long ago a wealthy independent city-state, is now just the nominal capital of a backwater province, the unfashionable Narimir region of Tolmira. Tens of thousands call Mal Nassrin home--but few boast of vacationing there. Find out more about this world!



You aren't alone in The Broken Hourglass. Nine party-joinable characters and countless citizens stand ready to help (or hinder!) you in your quests. Some are lifelong residents of Mal Nassrin, while others are simply trapped by circumstance, looking for a way out. Each brings a unique skillset and outlook to your party, along with personality, byplay, and even the occasional flirtation. Meet some of these unique characters!



Special web-only serials immerse you in the brand-new fantasy setting of Tolmira. Rub elbows with the elite of the city from an aerial vantage point in On the Fly, or find out how the other half lives with a look at Mal Nassrin's underworld in Moonshine. Both stories provide valuable insights into the sights, sounds, hopes and desires of the city and its people, just days before disaster strikes.


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