Welcome to Planewalker Games! We are the home of The Broken Hourglass, a new CRPG in development for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux computers.
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Q: Who is Planewalker Games?

A: Planewalker Games is an independent game design studio focused on the development of computer role playing games (CRPGs.)

Q: What is The Broken Hourglass?

A: The Broken Hourglass is Planewalker Games' debut title, currently under development

Q: Where does The Broken Hourglass take place?

A: TBH's setting is the empire of Tolmira, designed by Jesse Meyers and Raleigh Grigsby and licensed by PWG. Tolmira is a sword-and-sorcery setting depicting a continent-spanning empire cresting the hill into decadence and decline. 

Q: Why doesn't The Broken Hourglass use rules derived from a Very Popular Roleplaying System?

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Q: Which game engine does The Broken Hourglass use?

A: TBH runs on WeiNGINE, a new CRPG engine devised by Planewalker Games. WeiNGINE uses a new role-playing ruleset, cleverly dubbed WRPG.

Q: Does WeiNGINE use a 2D or 3D rendering system?